Attractions for the youngest "Magrowicz"

We offer tournaments, competitions with prizes, entertainment, performances by artists. We want to mix the children's holiday time with organized play, and give parents a moment of rest.

Activities for children of all ages are held every day in two blocks, except Saturdays, in the morning and in the afternoon. Under the supervision of a qualified staff, we organize outdoor games and courses in our 100-meter common room.

Free admission to the performances of outstanding artists is an attraction prepared especially for the guests of our resort!



Classes for 2- and 3- year-olds!

Classes for children aged 2-3 are held every day except Saturdays in our common room according to the schedule available at the reception. Lessons last about 1 hour and take place only in the presence of parents or caretakers. We paint, cut, glue, sing, dance, learn shapes ... And all this with humour and relaxation, just like on holidays!



Magragaskar is a separate room for our Magro-youngest. Many sensory toys with animals are a great alternative to outdoor playgrounds that are extremely useful in bad weather. Our "smart" toys can support the general motor skills of the youngest children (movements, dexterity) or cognitive skills (e.g. distinguish between and identify colours and shapes).


Mom and baby

Mom & Baby is an activity program for mothers with the youngest children. The program includes daily activities in a group of about 10 and is aimed at mothers and babies to about 10 months. Mothers carry out uncomplicated exercises with their babies so that they do not separate from them but take shape after pregnancy and the postpartum period. Additionally, we learn the basics of infant massage under the supervision of a caregiver. Duration: approx. 45 minutes. The lessons are free.
Registration at our reception. You're welcome!


Baby massages


Among a variety of massages, we offer also infant massages - an hourly individual massage for our youngest guests with their parent / parents and an instructor. Infant massage combined with exercises stimulates the proper motor development of the child, teaches parents the correct massage techniques, establishes a bond between parent and the child and calms the child. Infant massages are especially recommended for babies prone to colic and restless sleep. Individual massages are charged extra.

Registration at our reception. We highly recommend it!

* The Mom & Baby program and massages for infants are planned for selected weeks of the season.

The resort offers all meals and non-alcoholic drinks served at the buffet. The offer does not include the sales assortment of the bar and café.